What Is The IP Address Of My Device Connected To Router?

By | May 22, 2018

Netgear Router is one of the best products allow one to connect any a device or even dozens of distinct devices to use the internet. To manage the connected devices one can get into the Routerlogin Net home page. The admin page enables the users to connect and disconnect the devices and modify the change as per need.

On talking about the routerlogin access, the users mostly prefer www.routerlogin.net or IP address Suppose, you forgot the IP address and unable to use web address then what you do.  Commonly, it may happen to anyone.

Don’t worry, here we let you know how you can find the IP address of your device you used to connect to the Netgear Router.

Router IP Address in Window Operating System

There are two ways to find the IP address in the window

Command Prompt:  Go the search option > Type CMD > Type ipconfig and press the Enter in your keyboard > It will show the Default Gateway that is your IP address.


Graphics Interface: Open Control Panel > Network and Internet > Network and Sharing > Select the Network Connection > Click on the Details > See the IPv4 Default Gateway.


Router IP Address In MAC OS X Operating System

  • In MAC operating systems, the task of finding the IP address is quite a straightforward task. Find the ‘Apple‘must be appearing at the top of the screen.
  • Click on the System Preferences and then click on the Network Icon.

Routerlogin Net

  • Select your network name either Wi-Fi or Ethernet cable connected. Click on the TCP/IP tab and at the bottom, your Router’s IP address will appear.

Router IP Address on iPhone and iPad Operating System

Simply go to the Settings > Wi-Fi Settings > Select the Wifi Network > Router’s IP address will be listed there.

Routerlogin Net

Router IP Address in Android

Most of the Android systems use the Wifi Analyzer, which provides information about the Wifi networks.  Click on the Wi-Fi Analyzer, click on View and Select AP list.  Look at the top the network name will be displaying, click on this and it will get all the information about your Router including the IP address.


Router IP Address in Linux Operating System

Most of the Linux operating systems have the network icon on its right upper corner. Click on this network icon > Connection Information > Default Router Gateway

Routerlogin Net

Router IP Address in Chrome OS Operating System

Rare people use the Chrome book, if you are the one and looking for the IP address then select the notification area at the right taskbar > click on Connected to  (Network Name) > Click on the wireless network you are connected and select your network. Thus all the details will appear you can select the IP address.

Routerlogin Net

So, now you have come to know the IP address of your Router connected device, you can connect your Router, Modem and Device. To access the Routerlogin Net admin page, browse the respective IP address.

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