How to Reach Using the Wired Connection

By | May 7, 2018

Bought a new Netgear router and now looking where to start it?  Don’t worry as we are here to help you to take you to using the wired connection. Often people are tired off for the slower internet speed, which creates lots of problems, for this Netgear Router is taken as one of the best ways. It delivers the willing advantages only if you configure it following its accurate method as given below:

Netgear Router Accurate Configuration –Wired Connection

The wired connection allows the users to connect the router and modem using the wired connection. Plug in and power on your Router and modem, on receiving the power, you will find your router’s LED will lit and begin blinking, within some seconds it will become stable. Using another Ethernet cable, connect your Router to the Computer (Any Device).  Turn on your computer and connect it to the internet. Internet connection name and the security key is given at the label of your router


Once connected to the router, open the main browser and connect to the internet. When you find the internet is working well then type Sometimes, if your browser is unable to open this website then you can type in your main browser. Go to the Keyboard and press Enter

Netgear Router Password

The Netgear Router Password details are also given on the label of your router. It is ‘admin’ in small letters by default for username and password. You can change the password on reaching the home page. On the other hand, once the password is changed and you forget it then you should reset your router.

Routerlogin Home Page 

So, you have reached the Routerlogin home page. The initial option may appear to update the firmware, if there is the availability of new firmware then update it now otherwise, turn yourself to the Setup Wizard basic settings. This option will ask to detect the internet connection. If you prefer a Static IP address, you can change the settings using Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP). So, in order to make Static IP address settings, click on the ‘No’ and follow the further settings. It will ask for the Dynamic Host server details and IP address which you can confirm from your Internet Service Provider (ISP).


One is strictly recommended to click on the save whenever you make any change on home page. If you neglect to save this then your changes will not be applicable.

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